Front Rank Figurines – Simply some of the finest 28mm figures available

Gripping Beast Miniatures – From Byzantium to Arthur’s Britain and the Vikings, the best on the market.

Lancashire Games – The best value figures you can buy

Wargames Forum – Europe’s foremost online magazine

Eureka Miniatures – Australia’s Premier wargames company, check out their colonials!

Lance and Longbow Society – The Society for the medieval buff.

TM Terrain – Superb scratch build buildings and  terrain features (We have some!)

Ian Hinds Figures – A huge range of new and second hand models

Newark Irregulars– Not a partner, but the finest web resource for wargame clubs and events.

Xyston Miniatures 
Simply the finest 15mm ancients available. See their growing range of high quality figures.

Silver Eagle Wargames Supplies
For all our American customers speak to Jacob Kovel, our agent in America. See his stock of ancient figures. He can process orders for you and carries a selection of our painted units covering a growing range of periods. Enquire to see what is in stock.

Bicorne Miniatures 
Simply the best range of English Civil War figures around. See also their range of Colonial figures. Speak to Andrew about his ranges. Stockist of Conoisseur and Firing Line Miniatures.

Langton Miniatures 
If you are interested in naval warfare there is only one man to speak to; Rod Langton! See Rod’s large range of vessels covering all periods. See his extensive range Napoleonic ships they are the best available.

If you are serious about 6mm wargaming there is only one company to consider. See Peter Berry’s growing ranges of 6mm covering every period. Fantastic detail and quality in 6mm.

Bolt Action Miniatures 
If you are interested in WWII in 28mm then see the fantastic and growing ranges of figures offered by Bolt Action. Simply the best in this scale.

Flashing Blade
Speak to Mark about his growing range of high quality 40mm figures and 10mm range of Napoleonics. See his 40mm Caccadore range!

Magister Militum
This company produce some of the best 10mm, 15mm and 28mm figures around. They are the leading company in the field of 10mm figures. Speak to Richard or Zoe about their growing ranges.

The Miniatures Page 
The largest on line wargames magazine in the world. A must for any serious wargamer or collector.

Canberra Games Society 
Canberra Wargames Society. For all our customers down under.

Venexia Miniatures
Our friends in Italy. See their excellent ranges of 28mm and 15mm Italian Wars, 17thC and modern figures.

SHQ Miniatures
See their high quality ranges of 20mm figures and 54mm figures for collectors.

Pegaso Models 
Some of the finest 54mm figures available for collectors.

Steve Barber Models
High quality ranges of 10mm,15mm 28mm and 42mm figures.

Renaissance Wargames Society
For those with an interest in the renaissance.

The Pike and Shot Society
The Pike and Shot Society for those with an interest in the 16thC and 17thC up to Malborough.