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In 2003 Big Battalions was established in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, as a painting company to meet the needs of wargamers and collectors who wanted to invest in high quality painted units for their collections. We had seen the growth of other painting companies in eastern Europe, Sri Lanka and China, but noted their service was erratic and unreliable. We decided we could do better.

We specialise in high quality painting of wargame and collector figures. We only paint to one standard. Big Battalions whole purpose is to provide a high quality service, a high quality product, at a reasonable price.

We at Big Battalions knew from the beginning what wargamers wanted; they wanted the highest standard of painting possible, for a reasonable price. This simple business model has remained our aim. Big Battalions has proved to be a success with wargamers and collectors. Our promise to provide a service that is of the highest quality, at a competitive price, with no hidden costs for extras, is still one we maintain. We are actually one of the few companies that offers free basing as part of the painting price.

The initial business aim in 2003 was to provide ready painted battalions and regiments which could be deployed from the box to the wargames table. This proved to be very popular. However, we quickly found people wanted to place commission work with us and so we now accept painting orders as part of our painting service.

Our range of bespoke ready painted Napoleonic 28mm units, using Front Rank and Calpe figures, proved to be a great success. It quickly  expanded to include 18mm figures, and other 28mm periods. Our suppliers now include Eureka supplied 18mm AB Napoleonics, and 28mm figures from Front Rank, First Corps/Curtey Miniatures, Calpe Miniatures, North Star, and Wargames Foundry. We now offer, through our agents, a wide range of 28mm and 18mm Napoleonic, Dark Age, Fantasy, Wild West, WWII, and Ancients ready painted units. To meet the demands of our customers we will continue to expand these ranges. In future we hope to offer painted units direct to the customer, so please watch the For Sale page.

Big Battalions, recruits highly skilled artists locally in Chiang Mai, some of whom are graduates from local fine art colleges. We have overseen their training and taught them a vast array of techniques for painting figurines based on the teachings and techniques of Kevin Dallimore. The artists produce the highest quality of painting to meet the demands of our customers. We will also continue to invest in our people to improve the quality and service we offer.

All of our artists work from home. These conditions meet the painters’ demands and requirements. Their salaries reflect their skills and are higher than average earnings for the region. There is an active and vigilant Labour Department who monitor working conditions and respond promptly to complaints made by employees. No one under the age of 18 years is employed in any capacity.

We will not exploit our painters simply to increase profit. The Labour Laws are regularly enforced against Thai, and foreign employers alike, and companies operating unlawful working practices are prosecuted. Our low rate of staff turnover is a testament to the way the painters feel about working for us. If you would like any further information about our working conditions and environment feel free to ask or contact the Royal Thai Embassy in your home country. If you see any dishonest or misleading material on the internet claiming we exploit our staff we would be grateful if you could draw this to our attention as a few of our competitors have tried to poison the minds of our customers with dishonest stories of exploitation.

We have slowly recruited a number of agents in different countries. In the United Kingdom Gary Edwards of Red Eagle Miniatures, and his wife Hayley, are carrying ready painted units and dealing with orders for the United Kingdom and Europe. In America Jacob and Shari Kovel (Silver Eagle Wargame Supplies) carry a stock of painted figures and accept orders. We shall eventually recruit an agent in Australia, and will continue to expand our agents worldwide.

You will find our service flexible and responsive to all your painting needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us. As we say, Chock Dee, and many happy hours wargaming!!

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