Painting Orders

The step by step list below will hopefully make the process of filling your order simple: –

1. Check our prices here. Each item is charged separately. An elephant and howdah are separate items priced separately. The crew are also additional and separate so each item is priced separately. Please read the price list carefully.

2. Contact us by phone, mail, or E-mail to discuss the details of your order. Please work through your local agent where possible. If you do not have a local agent then please feel free to contact us directly. Any customer may contact us to discuss an order or to get an update on progress or to get some photos.

3. Please package your figures carefully. We will make you aware on receipt of any breakages. Please use your local agent where possible as they are experienced at sending items to us here in Chiang Mai. If you wish to send figures directly or you have no local agent then please package carefully, declare the figures as ‘historical metal miniatures’ and declare a low value (we suggest 10 cents per 28mm piece and 5 cents per 15\18mm piece). Thai customs treats all goods entering the kingdom as an import and charge heavy import duty on figures. The system is simply not flexible enough, or responsive, to manage the concept of importing simply to paint and then re-exporting back to a customer.

So you should have:

  • A completed Order Form showing, Your name, address, telephone number and E-mail address
  • Details of the unit, including painted sample figure or uniform details if available, you have the option of loading onto the order form any attachment you wish to add. This may include photos, pictures, or text material. This will be communicated to the painter to assist in painting your figures.
  • Ensure that you include details of the basing required.
  • If the figures carry excess flash please remove. If we have to clean excessive flash off the figures they will be reclassified as complex.
  • Remember to include any separate weapons and shields for painting. Again if transfers have to be applied the figures will be classed as complex.
  • Please construct any models, such as chariots, catapults etc before sending. Any figures or models we have to assemble will be classified as complex.

4. Our skilled artists paint the figures! We will provide an estimated completion period, but please note this is ESTIMATED, and delays in Thailand are beyond our control.

5. We forward to you by e mail or post on line pictures of your figures. If you are happy we will proceed to base your models. Further photos of the finished figures will be sent to you. Once you have approved the order we will proceed to wrap and pack your figures.

6. We will then confirm the total cost including carriage. When payment is made the models are dispatched. Please remember there is a standard charge of 15% for all orders to cover postage and packaging. Your order will be returned to you by secure EMS tracked carrier and should take about a week to get back to you. We will send the tracking number to you once the order has left our shop.

Ready to Make an Order?

Russian Foot Artillery 1812

Russian Horse Artillery 1812

Russian Line Infantry, 1812

Our turn around time is up to 10-12 weeks.
All figures shown on this page are by Front Rank and have been painted either for stock sales or customer orders.