July 2023

Jul 14, 2023

July 2023

It has been sometime since I posted any news update. For this omission I must apologies. However, that is not to say we have been idle here, enjoying the charms of north east Thailand. On the contrary things remain as busy as ever with new periods and scales coming to the fore as stock products, although certain periods and scales do retain their premier position.

The sad news is that prices much rise again. The price rise is around 10% and can be seen reflected on the new prices page. These prices came into effect on the 1st March 2023 and replace the prices in force from 1st May 2019. Sadly, inflation, both in terms of labour costs and materials, continues to gnaw away. We have absorbed many cost increases over recent years, but unfortunately the point had been reached when a price increase was inevitable. We will try our best to maintain the new prices for several years to come.

We can now offer a growing selection of Ancients units through our North American agent. Our agent currently has in stock some Celts and Late Romans. We will be endeavouring to expand this area over coming months. Watch out for SAGA sets coming.

For the Napoleonic collector we will soon have available as stock certain French Imperial Guard units, so do check with our North American agent for details.

For the 18th century collector we are offering a growing selection of units from the Age of Reason. In particular we will be offering units from the War of the Spanish Succession.

We will also soon have available a small selection of 40mm Seven Years War Prussian Line Infantry. This will be a limited stock, but details will be posted when they are available. There will be many more 28mm Seven Years War units on offer in the near future.

I shall try to more regular with comments and will certainly post updates of new stock available.

Big Battalions

11th July 2023

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