Update May 2019

May 16, 2019

Well, dear reader, contrary to my ambitious pledge in March 2016 to give a full and regular update in frequent newsletters I have allowed some three years to drift by without putting a finger to the keyboard. The delay is inexcusable and I beg your indulgence. I have a new web manager, a bright and energetic young man, so I suspect I shall be pushed for more regular News Letters and other material.

Price Rise

The first, and saddest, news is the price increases I spoke about previously have now come into effect as from the 1st May 2019. I did try to hold off this rise as long as possible, but rising costs in Thailand make such an adjustment inevitable. On average painting prices have risen by around 12.5%.

Some categories have not risen at all and some have actually fallen slightly as I reconsidered the pricing on these items. However, most categories have risen in price. The 15/18mm category has risen the most and this reflects the cost of getting high-quality painting completed here by local artists. This increase is unavoidable. For those that collect this scale, I do hope the price rise remains within your budget.

The shop here in Thailand continues to buzz along with activity, we have had a busy year so far. The American market, in particular, has risen spectacularly thanks in large part to the efforts of my agent there, Mr Jacob Kovel of Silver Eagle Wargame Supplies. Our American customers will see Jacob and his family at all the major shows in America, so look out for him and the Silver Eagle Wargame Supplies team when you attend the shows.

For those who are new customers, welcome, for established and regular customers we are happy to enjoy your continued support and patronage in 2019.

In the UK, and in Europe, Mr Gary Edwards and his wife, Mrs Hayley Edwards, and their company Red Eagle Miniatures, continue to provide a first class service as agents there.

Coming soon will be painted units on direct sale from the workshop. Sadly, the cost of ready painted units has had to rise recently, but remain competitively priced. The standard infantry units will remain at twenty-four figures per unit and will be priced at $9.00 per figure, or $216.00 per unit. The cavalry units will remain at 12 figure per unit and will cost $18.00 per figure, or $216.00 per unit. Artillery will continue to retail as one gun with four gunners; the price will rise from $50.00 per gun (and four gunners) to $54.00 per gun (and four gunners. Mounted command will rise from $20.00 per figure to $22.50 per figure.

As units become available I will display them on the “For Sale” page. These units will be relatively random and will reflect stock that is being painted up at any given time. I will be aiming to offer full regiments and brigades for sale so that gamers can build their collections based on historic regiments and brigades.

I am also hopeful we shall soon be able to offer new ranges of Fantasy figures, Wild West figures, World War II figures, Congo/Darkest Africa figures, and other skirmish game figures like Steam Punk and Dracula in America. We shall be starting the fantasy range with Frostgrave, the Wild West with “Dead Man’s Hands” figures, and WWII with some Bolt Action German, American and British figures. I hope to move into other areas as time allows.

That brings me to a conclusion for now. If you want to place a painting order then please don’t hesitate to contact one of my agents. If you are interested in painted units then please contact us at bigbattalions@gmail.com.

Big Battalions Team
Big Battalions, 20th May 2019

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