Update: March 2016

Mar 24, 2016

Well, for those that read my comments back in November 2014 I do apologise. I have been absent from one of my major tasks, namely running and updating this site. The good news is we have been very busy as customer orders have come in. The even better news is we are set to significantly expand our ready painted units for sale over the summer of 2016.

The list of ready painted units available will continue to grow through our agents (Jacob Kovel at Silver Eagle Wargame Supplies in the USA, and Gary Edwards at Red Eagle Miniatures in the UK and Europe). We will also be offering units for sale on our ‘For Sale’ page and on E-Bay. I will keep you updated on what is being painted and what is for sale.

Coming up by summer 2016 will be ACW infantry, cavalry and artillery in 28mm by 1st Corps. 1st Corps will hold a limited range of these figures as stock. In the Ancient area there will be Early Imperial Romans, Greeks, Celts/Gauls, and Ancient Germans in 28mm by Wargames Foundry, Warlord Games and West Wind. There will also be more French, Austrian, British, and Bavarian 28mm Napoleonics by Front Rank.

Ian Hinds, who is known to many in the UK, Europe and the USA, is now selling painted units from his Hinchliffe range. Ian has started with French Line Infantry, but this will expand. See his website for details. Also Simon and Michael Curtey of Curtey Miniatures are now carrying painted units from their WWII and Medievals range. They have started with German late war infantry squads and some British Paras. Speak to them about up coming units, or place orders with them for their stock to be painted by us.

The sad news is Rick O’Brien has ceased to be an agent. Rick and Amanda have grown increasingly busy with their main business selling superb model flags as The Flag Dude. Rick felt he could not properly split his time between selling his flags and our painted units. I wish continued success to Rick and Amanda. For those that are unaware, Jacob Kovel will continue as the main and sole agent for all Big Battalions units and painting commissions in the USA.

I am sad to announce there will have to be a price increase for painting commissions which will come into effect on 1st June 2016. Any orders placed prior to that date will be painted at the old price.

Well, that is my update for now. My next news will be shortly, and certainly I will not be absent for a year again. Happy Gaming!

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